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Melissa B. says

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First-time Buyer
June 2015

Our buying experience with Shaynn was excellent. My husband and I were first-time homebuyers, so we had a LOT to learn about the home-buying process and about houses in general. We switched to working with Shaynn after letting our first realtor go, and the difference was amazing! Because of his remodeling experience, Shaynn has a lot of knowledge to share about home construction. This is VERY helpful for first-time buyers and is something that many realtors cannot offer. Shaynn has a very calm, patient demeanor, and was great at laying out our options and giving thorough answers to any questions we had. When the sellers of the house we bought didn’t want to make one of the repairs that we requested, Shaynn put a lot of effort into negotiating with them on our behalf, and in the end, they agreed to make the repair! Shaynn also took care of many of the details with our lender and the title company so that we didn’t have to worry about anything. We are extremely pleased with the service we recieved from Shaynn. When the time comes that we’d like to sell our house in the future, Shaynn will be the first person we call. He should be the first person you call as well!

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