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Julianne says

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January 2020
I came to Viroqua this last spring and looked at some houses and met some of the local realtors. Since I was not from this area, I really needed to find someone up here to keep an eye on the market and find me a house. I chose Shaynn because of his professionalism and sincerity. We looked at quite a few houses and I found the one I wanted and moved to Viroqua in August! Shaynn really kept me informed and LISTENED to what I was looking for and didn’t waste my time looking at houses I couldn’t afford. The closing went smooth because Shaynn made sure all of our paperwork (and everybody else’s) was ready by all the deadlines. Shaynn is very knowledgeable about the laws and the process, and always kept my best interest in mind. He still continues to answer my questions with infallible patience, helps me find the right service people, etc. Shaynn is an all-around nice guy, full of positive energy, and he is very proud of this community and loves to help people find the right home.
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